gen z gop was established with a vision of three pillars for the Republican Party. These three pillars include: finding balance, formulating solutions, and focusing on the future. By following these three pillars, the GOP can become a party that can serve as a palatable alternative to the left.

Finding Balance

Today’s political discourse is corrupted with misinformation and fails to embrace nuance, consequently leading to poor policymaking. gen z gop was formed to provide a model for discourse through the utilization of credible sources, facts, and multi-dimensional perspectives. By conducting politics in this way, we will be able to formulate forward-looking solutions.

Formulating Solutions

Much of today’s political system revolves around rhetoric, not policy. Because of this, many young people (especially Gen Z’ers), view government and our political system as ineffective. By finding balance, we can begin to debate the merits of policy that will drive real solutions to the problems facing our communities and country, allowing us to truly focus on the future.

Focusing on the Future

While it will be difficult to fix every issue of yesterday, gen z gop intends to focus on long-term policy solutions, such as to climate change and entitlement reform, but also seeks to help our generation improve our discourse at large and engage in active citizenship. It is our hope that when our generation holds elected office, we will not be burdened by the same issues of unproductive rhetoric and poor policymaking that we face today.