Throughout the history of the United States, people of all backgrounds, colors, and creeds have come together to construct a unified nation. Conceived in liberty and forged by a tireless fight to perfect our Union, our country has and must continue to look forward. As young Republicans disaffected by our political system, we intend to continue that forward-looking mission and provide a platform for an improved and future-oriented party. The issues important to Generation Z cannot be ignored, and the Republican Party must not allow the Democrats to monopolize them with irrational progressivism. Thus, we seek to offer our platform of common sense conservatism for the future of the Republican Party. 


The aforementioned policies, principles, and common facts are the foundation of a coalition of common-sense. We hail from a new generation: our lives have been bookended by terror on our shores and a global pandemic has uprooted and altered the society in which we live. The leadership of the past informs us, but the solutions of the future must be innovative and cognizant of the new challenges that we will inevitably encounter. The torch has been passed to our generation, and it is time for common sense conservatives to stake their claim in the debates that matter to the next generation of Americans. Though these ideals cover a broad landscape of the various policy areas that affect our country, we acknowledge that new challenges will arise and confront us. We believe that if we are guided by our conservative ideals as well as an enduring commitment to sensible solutions, we will undoubtedly be able to apply our principles to the conversations of the present and solutions of the future.